Origin Trail: $TRAC - Fantastic Buy Opportunity!

BITTREX:TRACBTC   OriginTrail / Bitcoin
For anyone looking for hidden gems in the crypto space, please do not let $TRAC go over your heads.

This is an asset with solid fundamentals, and technical analysis that screams BUY.

Technical analysis:
• Price has been on a longterm uptrend since December 2019, reached a new ATH in Sept 2020 and has since decreased to lows not seen since June 2020
• IMO this is probably a result of some very aggressive profit taking from speculative bets following BTCs new ATH because it bears no relation to the long-term outlook of the Origin Trail protocol
• I’ve outlined the key buy Zone which must hold for the Dec 2019 Uptrend to remain intact.
• Price has already rejected this zone with the w/c 4th January’s candle. If price holds above this level, then expect a bullish run towards the first resistance zone following a breakout from the pink downtrend line

Fundamental Analysis:

• Origin Trail has developed the Origin Trail Decentralized Network (ODN) which will facilitate the seamless exchange of data with integrity between companies worldwide, and has been operational since 2018
• Integration to the decentralised network is facilitated by the Network Operating System (nOS), which has already integrated legacy enterprise systems offered by Oracle , Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft Navision
• Over the last 10 years Origin Trail has been laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and adoption of their solutions through key partnerships. To name a few:
o Oracle ( ORCL ): the purpose of this partnership was to bring transformative blockchain solutions to Oracle’s clients through the integration of Oracle’s ERP systems and cloud services to the ODN
o GS1: the organisation that sets global standards for supply chain communication, created the barcode in the 1970s and is at the forefront of new standards for QR codes. This partnership is intended to create a decentralised database of every barcoded item in circulation around the world. Think ‘Google,’ but for supply chain data to be used by companies worldwide. Nothing even remotely close to this exists today!
o British Standards Institution ( BSI ): partnered with Origin Trail to deliver blockchain solutions to clients, thereby enabling them to demonstrate the authenticity of their compliance through immutable digital records of certifications achieved from BSI
• This is just to name a few. You can read more into their other partnerships with the Supplier Compliance Audit Network (SCAN), the Swiss national rail company (SBB) and plenty more, the list goes on...
• The value of $TRAC is directly linked to the adoption of Origin Trail’s solutions because it is the token that fuels the ODN. The company uses their interface to purchase $TRAC tokens directly from the exchange with fiat currency, and the tokens are purchased and used in the backend

There’s real potential for mass adoption of the ODN, and in turn a significant increase in the value of $TRAC tokens from current lows. SCANs members are some of the largest importers in North America with annual sales of $1.25TN. GS1 advises 2 million businesses globally. BSI has about 84,000 companies as clients, and partnerships with Oracle , Microsft etc grants access to the ODN to many more companies worldwide.

Origin Trail’s proven durability, its problem-solving technology, and strategic partnerships culminate in a real potential for mass adoption.

With a super low market cap of $50M, last close at $0.1455, you’ll understand why I believe this to be a real bargain buy!

Please proceed with your own research, and would be interested to hear some thoughts in the comment section below!

Many thanks all for your time :)