The simple way for accelerated tech index fund investing

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Due to it's nature, tripple leveraged products usually grind lower and lower by design, so this is anything but full proof. However, as the market likes the top companies in US collectively, the past decade, on retrospect, it's obviously worked. If things continue trending this same way, this can work for us. The red line is profit taking (not shorting!!) and the green line is regaining positions. This is swing trading. It takes a lot of patience, because you may be waiting for years between taking any actions, which can be nice at the same time. Complementary techniques to this are to use sma 50 and 200 day, waiting for death/golden cross and using large time scale RSI to identify bullish and bearish divergences.
This has worked in the past also for the tripple leveraged FAANG products such as FNGU .
Not financial advice. Educational purpose and subjective to future market conditions.


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