We had a great correction of the market in the last 3 months. Some of our favourites altcoin have lost 80% of their value since ATH . However, the correction has run its course. I wonàt be able to explain everything in detail but if you have knowledge in Elliott wave principles you will understand, otherwise, I will be happy to answer your questions if you contact me in private. The last ATH was the 3rd wave (purple) top and we are now finishing the 4th wave (corrective). As you can see we will soon have the 5th wave which will project us to 7.2 trillion in total value. This target comes from the fact that wave 1 and 3 were normal waves so we expect the 5th wave to be an extended wave. The first target however will be 2.79 trillion. I have reason to believe we are seeing the bottom and we should have a nice move up late in July (20). Why the bottom...because we just touched the 0.382 retracements of the 3rd wave plus is touching the bottom of the second wave in the minor 5th wave of the macro 3rd wave. Long story short, get ready for the upside. We might have another shaky move down, a small one (max 583 billion level) before heading violently up. zoom in the chart to better understand what I am talking about. Also, we have a nice strong bullish divergence in the OBV oscillators Enjoy the ride beautiful people.