S&P 500 Index CRASH (The Drop Starts)

SPCFD:SPX   S&P 500 Index
I've been warning my dear followers and cryptocurrency lovers about the S&P 500 Index crash for a long time.

For conventional minds, it is really hard to grasp the fact that the SPX will crash massively and become ugly due to all the lies and hype spread through the conventional media news systems, but charts do not lie.

Reading charts is like looking at a foreign language, it might be hard to understand if you don't know it, but if you know it, it is basically the same as your own native language.

This chart here is speaking to me, to us, and it has lots to say.

First, it keeps on telling us the media is lying about the bullishness of the SPX , we see hype, hype, hype... Yet it can't break the last high.

Second, it gives us clues and shows us things that are not easy to understand if you are not advanced at reading charts; using my indicators, we can see bearish divergence growing stronger every day that goes on.

Finally, bearish volume growing up on a Friday while the EMA10 support broke right away...

Let me tell you honestly... This is my last warning.

The SPX 500 will crash, according to the chart above, no matter what anybody says.

Conditions for change? Move back up, spring up and keep going up all the way... But this isn't really happening since the SPX hasn't been able to break the 2895 resistance for the past 166+ days.

I am sharing this as a friendly reminder, warning, for your learning and entertainment as well... So feel free to hit like if you want to now, and let's focus on making money with our altcoins trades.

This is Alan Masters.

Comment: Note: It can still take weeks for a decent drop to fully develop but the process can start anytime.
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Comment: EMA10 has been broken, next support is sitting at MA200 (black line), this is the next target:
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On a Sunday night at 20:11 UK time, the bulls are about to come out, it would seem. Sunday Wall Street (which isn't SPX but usually mirrors it) has moved 70 points north in just 25 minutes. This sort of move is significant for 25 minutes on a weekend. I'm not saying that this is going to be sustained because on open of the markets there is the usual bear-bull fight. But maybe there is gonna be a fight; the bulls perhaps believing that Mueller report is irrelevant, whilst the bears believing the opposite. I need popcorn and beer! Oops it a Sunday night. 😁 πŸ˜‚
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