CME:SP1!   S&P 500 Futures
SP500 = Let's take stock of the situation to date on the SP500 the market in my opinion is 'moving and will move' as indicated ...
We are in a new era .. IT WAS COVID .. has reset everything and resumed everything, but how? ..
Let me explain: the market that is reaching all-time highs at an index of 4000 $, boasts a very weak dollar at all-time lows and an inflation that will grow more and more today is unbridgeable in the debt / currency / cost ratio. life...
The key point, which in my opinion is not a sell off from a bubble, but only a reversal with subsequent accumulation on the $ 3300-3500 area as we are in a new market .... I expect a market that will be next from 2021 to 2025 from the areas indicated as reversal 3300 -3500 $, an accumulation to then start again and find within 4 years between the 8000-10000 $ of SP500 ...
I DON'T LOVE WORDS THIS IS MY THOUGHT ... Happy trading everyone.


thanks for clear chart
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@mauretto432 very awake and "on point " analysis. U track the lines in a clear understandable way.
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mauretto432 mattesere
@mattesere, hope it can help you understand my thoughts ... I am not God or a magician ... but I am a friend of NikFilippoCrep .. it can be enough ..ahahhaha