Path to three digit Silver

Increased industrial usage through innovative technologies like electric vehicles, batteries, solar energy, RFID chips, touch screens, semi conductors and nuclear energy. These are generally forward thinking technology's with increased future usage highly likely. Increased industrial usage often leads to investors hoarding a commodity with the hopes to profit, this can potentially increase the price further. Silver is at around 50% of its all time high, adjusted for USD M2 silver is a very long way beneath 50%.

Historically silver has had the volatility to double, the reasons for its rising have been industrial demand increasing and expansion of the money supply; these two factors are coinciding in a powerful way at the beginning of 2021. The best ways to invest are through well managed silver companies with excellent reserves (below) or through hoarding silver in coins or bullion. Avoid using leverage or physical silver etfs.

If triple digits do occur these silver companies are like buying the best tech stocks in the Nasdaq in 2003.