Palladium Still Growing Strong

TVC:PALLADIUM   CFDs on Palladium (US$ / OZ)
Last post: November 16th. See chart.

Review: Price was trading above the previous all-time high.

Update: Price is still above that all-time high and continues to look strong.

Conclusion: We need to see a breakout then we will look for long opportunities.

Any comments or questions, do not hesitate to leave them below. Give us the thumbs up if you share our sentiments!

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Jeeez!! I'm kicking myself! I was tracking Palladium earlier in the year and got distracted. Now I see that massive push north. There's too much out there to track. Oh well. Sigh. :(
meszaros Captain_Walker
@Captain_Walker, Not all are lost yet. There is a Palladium mine now built. Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PLG) The mine is based in one of the world's largest platinum sites in South Africa. Although soon there will be a 10: 1 RS at the share price, yet it offers a good investment opportunity. Currently, its shares are underestimated.
@meszaros, Mines being built could be a potential sign of further increase in price. Thanks for sharing.
Sublime_Trading Captain_Walker
@Captain_Walker, It is still very early days on Palladium from a trading point of view. As yet, we have not opened any long trades. We have bee monitoring this and waiting for the best entry point. If we see a trend establish itself above the previous ATHs, then price is likely to keep on going and we will then look to enter. Commodities have a tendency to trend for long periods of time and so there is no rush to jump in. If you are struggling to establish high-probability environments, then drop us a DM with your email address and we can have details over to you on how to join our community.
Captain_Walker Sublime_Trading
@Sublime_Trading, I missed it. I'll avoid chasing. For those who are in already, if my expectations on fall of US Dolllar strength come to be correct, then metals, commodities etc could all be pressured higher.
Sublime_Trading Captain_Walker
@Captain_Walker, Thanks for sharing. it is never too late to get into a good trend but patience is needed when you miss an entry point. This has pulled back as expected since we got triggered in earlier in the week. The next BO will offer an entry point.