FX:NZDCHF   New Zealand Dollar/Swiss Franc
The first point i will make is screen time. performing TA on a day to day basis can be long, especially if your trading multiple instruments at any one time. You can also fall into the trap of drawing you lines, patterns, shapes ect... on what you want to see and not what is actaully valid! I personally used to trade technical analysis so i know how long it really can be, aswell as how subjective it is!

Please view the chart above... We have a ''nice'' ascending trend line , price has respected our TL so most traders at this point would be looking for BUYS on another touch of the TL. Some traders may have even got in the BUY once price touched the TL. Instead, price dropped straight through and would have took all the BUYERS out.

Our strategy SOLD before we even touched the TL... This trade is still open and running 130+ pips in profit.

Zero technical analysis is needed using our strategy, also meaning anyone can use this no matter how much knowledge or experience you have in the markets!

Trade closed manually: Closed +100.. your welcome