Extremely Bullish Trade

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Long NIFTY50 FUT for one months, nifty following a Channel since long months and taking support from the lower trend line , as my view long Nifty with a one month view to book the gain of around 2000 to 2400 points with a risk of 300 points, a good risk reward ratio approx 8% , I suggest you to long nifty its being bullish by getting reversal from the support line and can be said as pullback in a bullish
please comment your views on this trade idea and like or share if you make it happen

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Exit this trade at breakeven if close below 14750
Mukul, starting point of 10 Nov is unclear. ITs not a swing low or high. If drawn from 8thNOV the trend line would look different
@Tradarv the trendline is drawn initially on 15m time frame which has modified as the time span increased from 1H to 1D that's why 10 Nov is unclear to you. For getting more knowledge about this pattern you have to analyse the previous charts of nifty range from 2000 to 2010.