Coca-cola KO will go up after its pullback

NYSE:KO   Coca-Cola Company (The)
Coca-cola after pulling back to 0.5 fib level ($50.16) and finding support there which lined up with 3/1 level now started going up and is slightly getting rejected at the 3/1 gannfan line 0.786 fib level ($51.02). The momentum is still strong but it will continue going up until $53.50 levels which is the top of the 2/1 gann channel and the 1.272 fib level that lines up with resistance level aswell


Mate. What is up with your charts?! Really easy way to $48.68 is resistance level - Draw a line at $48.68 and you'll see it works as a support and resistance level. See how price reacts to that level now, if it rejects the level, buy it, if it drops below wait until it settles and buy it. You don't need 76 different indicators to see that.