ALPHABET INC. (GOOGL) Crash Incoming (~20% Drop On Its Way)

NASDAQ:GOOGL   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class A
ALPHABET INC ., Google's parent company, is no exception to what is coming to conventional markets. There are many very strong signals pointing towards a crash... and this crash is already on its way.

GOOGL has already dropped by over 18% since hitting a All Time High on the July 2018... More red is on its way.

Let's take a look at the signals for learning and entertainment purposes:

  • Let's start with the MACD . On the left hand side, you can see a red dotted line with an "X" in the middle... This is back in 2008. When the MACD crossed below 0, the price crashed really hard. When you look at the right hand side of the indicator, you can notice that the same event is taking place now. This is a strong bearish signal.

  • If you have been reading my analysis you should be pretty familiar now with the signal called "divergence"... This is going on here as well on both MACD and RSI ( Bearish Divergence).

  • GOOGL broke and closed below EMA50. It was quickly rejected when it tried to move back up. If GOOGL breaks and closes below EMA100 (blue line), we can aim straight for our "MAIN TARGET" on chart.

  • RSI & MACD are bearish .

These signals are very strong and clear... ALPHABET INC . ( GOOGL ) will continue to crash. Others are also crashing...

Bank Of America:
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