Is GFM breaking out from Falling Wedge?

GFM had started to form Bullish Falling Wedge somewhere in early of May. The falling wedge's band had become narrowed.
As the final closed price is at peak of the band,
I anticipate that it will break out in the following day or it will make a final pullback before breakout eventually.
Currently, Macd had made a cross on 12 July and last closed price just touch MA20.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Buy / Sell call. This is just for learning purpose only.


Last time, during I shared the article I dif not notice that
GFM actually is breaking out of Bullish Falling Wedge WITH Double Bottom.
And today's close is green means buying force and it is just above MA20 line.
Let us see how long this new wave can extend after almost 3mth of cosolidation.