DAX / H4 : Ending Diagonal to terminate this impulse ?

FX:GER30   DAX Index
Just as the DOW count revealed, the DAX 0.76% may be creating an ending diagonal formation on fifth and final wave of the current count that started upon Trump's election and fueled the price without a single retracement (as 2 & 4 were both flat corrections ).
Anyway we might be reaching a market top as suggested and as we didn't have any retracement and that this wave was basically based on promises that will less likely come afterwards.. I anticipate that we should have a profound 50% retracement of this wave. Maybe more if we have some catalysts in the meantime.
For agressive traders, there is still one subwave count to finish in this possible ending diagonal as subwave are supposed to be in ZigZags. So we have wave A, now retracing to B point that we should reach soon, that leaves us with a C wave to look for before considering agressive shorts. Generally we use the fibo extension of 78,6% of previous wave as target... you have it on the chart !
For less agressive ones, of course waiting for the wedge to break down. Remember that ending diagonal breakouts generally creates strong movements with extended 1st wave impulse as first A retracement wave. So there's plenty of room to go close this Macron gap I guess ! That will be Target 1 for ;)

Hope this idea will inspire some of you ! I'm pretty new to TradingView so I'ld appreciate any like/follow if you feel like it deserve it ;)
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