1 day / potential reversal in near term

BITTREX:GEOBTC   GeoCoin / Bitcoin
No strong feeling either way but some signs of a reversal to come in near term.

1/ bear divergence on RSI (price lower high, RSI higher high)

2/ kumo cloud edge to edge complete also coinciding with 0.236 fib

3/ volume spiked now declining similar to last pump/retrace

Personally I have sold 25% on a 5x having bought 3 Dec. Doubt it is a good buy spot but given the time of year and general market movement a further push up wouldn't surprise.


Are your fib lines drawn using the candle body or wick? I think you should be using the latter for creating fib lines and the former for creating trendlines
jawpilot23 Cityler
@Cityler, 'body to body, wick to wick'