Bulls, bats and butterflies.

OANDA:GBPCHF   British Pound / Swiss Franc
This set up on the Pound-Frank shows two bullish patterns with the exact same D point! The moves share their A, C and D coordinates. GBP is likely to decline until this level; it has reached this price before but was rejected as you can see by the vast wick (which actually landed at the exact same level as the wick of 2011l take a look back). If price closes at our entry, prior wicks aside, it will be a new low for the pair. At this level, price is very likely to be oversold and we will see a bounce due to the new lows.

As the patterns share their A and D points, it is very easy to set up the TP and stop loss levels.
Take profit at the usual 61.8%; stop-losses set at a 3:1 risk- little over 120 pips below the X point. We may see some spikes as price approaches the level of support at the previous wick, thus a forgiving stop loss is necessary.

Bat ratios

B: 0.382-0.5
C: 0.382-0.886
D: 1.618-2.618
xD: 0.886

Butterfly ratios

B: 0.786
C: 0.382-0.886
D: 1.618-2.24
xD: 1.272