Growth rate comparison FDEV, PDX, TTWO

Just a basic comparison of growth rates between gaming developers Frontier Developments (green and red line), Paradox Interactive (light orange), and Take Two (darker orange). Frontier has by far out performed both other companies since 2013 in terms of growth. Interesting to notice the similarities between growth patterns of FDEV and PDX for the current year. Both had a rapid up turn after the quarterly reports, Paradox increased slightly more than FDEV during this period due to their profits growing by 120%. A good factor to bear in mind when speculating where the SP of FDEV might go after revenue from Jurassic World Evolution is announced.

Even considering FDEV's staggering growth to date, they are currently experiencing their most transformative year to date. Jurassic World Evolution is set to double units sales of previous games, Elite Dangerous has been released on PS4 growing sales to 2.5 million at the last update, with Planet Coaster cruising past the 1.5 million mark. Updates to all games are still incoming so expect future growth to continue.

With very few UK based tech companies on the market FDEV is increasingly looking like one of the best investment opportunities.