FACEBOOK with an importan week for shortTerm Bulls/Bears

Through the week before the last Annual Report - and the breakOut after publishing - the FACEBOOK share created something like a short-term upside trend @ based on January lows (round about 90 USD).

As long 90 USD are holding FACEBOOK sharesd still in a long term technically upside trend
The fact that the short-term upside trend broked dont panic me. Much more important are, from technically point of view, in my opinion, this week. and both horizontal trend lines - support line @ round about 97 USD & ressistance line @ round about 104.75 USD. A breakUP/DOWN could be a trigger for short term bulls/bears !?

»4XSetUps trading Capabilities«
117.61 $ 3. Target (16.26 $ Chance)
109.46 $ 2. Target (08.11 $ Chance)
104.76 $ 1. Target (03.41 $ Chance)
101.35 $ last Price
096.79 $ last Support (4.56 $ Risk)

You can use the support levels as stop-loss price level.
And alle 3 targets also even as take profit price leves too, if you want.
But take care! Think about it - and create your own opinion! It`s your own decision...

C/R Ratios are 0.75 C/R Ratio (1st), 1.78 C/R Ratio (2nd) & 3.57 C/R Ratio (3rd)
Change/Risk Ratio = 1.Target/Support, 2.Target/Support & 3.Target/Support

Best regards!