FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
EURUSD potential BUY at luquidity and algo levels below weekly lows.

If price decides to break my first zone then i will be looking for a BUY entry on the zone below.

The stop loss's are not accurate atm due to not being able to see how the reversal manifests until it starts to show signs of accumilation.

The TP however are zones that i am aiming for, they are set in stone.

Waiting for price to seek lower luquidity before retracing back into its 2 week range, to then either see a seek of higher luquidity or a bounce of the FIB zones for a continuation of a sell.

Comment: Looking back i should've waited upon seeing orders being filled before making the entry on the first zone.

However, losses happen regardless of how consistent you are.

Looking to see order blocks form at the next zone, Sweeping today's lower liquidity which also aligns with 2 week low liquidity.

First zone i was 70% sure on, 2nd zone im more comfortable taking, It also has higher RR so itll cancel out the previous loss. If the 2nd zone fails, Ill be leaving EURUSD for a month to see if it shows its new pattern.