[EURGBP Long] 14 July, 2021 - Roger V Trading Ideas

FOREXCOM:EURGBP   Euro / British Pound
Entry Support level idea:
Range 0.85050-0.85400 Support

TP Resistance level idea:
0.873500 Estimation

0.890500 (Currently this resistance unclear, require to have a look when the time comes.)

Final SL for all Long positions:
0.845000 Support Level

Strong weekly support on the chart.
If it passes the stage of 0.845000 for the final SL. The strategy is if pass the final SL the short position trend will automatically expect to resume to its bearish trend by default.

Keep eye on the support at 0.845000 would be the key for this idea. If it reaches 0.845000 and touches the number. I would not immediately SL, I will check if the strength of momentum if may continue to fall at that support or not. (This will depend on market situations.)

LIVE updates will share in the group.

(Note: The forecast above is an estimation of the resistance/ support level for the entry, TP, and SL. For more precise positions will depend on the shape formed with the candlestick at the time.)
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