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Since March 2020 and its annual low of $90, Ethereum has continued to rise. It is difficult to timer its entries when a market is constantly rising.

Don't get carried away by the upcoming FOMOs.

Our first potential buying area is at the last demand area, between $483.15 and $456. If this one were to be broken, we would go for the monthly demand area at $398. However, I highly doubt that we will ever go lower to find the $239 zone.

Ethereum at $3K?

It's something I've seen a lot on social networks, and for that we're going to have two pretty intense fights: The $830 to $730 supply zone , and then the ultimate resistance at $1430 to $1130. If these zones are broken upwards, then the upward pressure will accelerate sharply.

As long as the demand zones are not removed, anything is possible. On the other hand, if one of them breaks, be sure to weight your investments.

Trade safe,