Sensational 4th rejection of long term a support.

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Lots of stuff to like here. Daily chart . Long term.. Posted on reddit a couplke of days ago.
Inverse head and shoulders .
Rejection of long term big support both horizontal and ascending. Just what you want to see, especially with BTC chuckling out ATH daily.
Below all daily 200/50/20 MAs at support and now challenging them. 1400 MA represents weekly 200MA which is around 40 and on the roof of that developing asc wedge .
Oscillators look fine and at low point.
Broke out of long term downward resistance, bumping and running.
All looks very bullish and if 40 breaks, can see not much in the way of 80.
Hopefully easy to understand the messages here. The 23-25 long term horizontals again show strong support.
One to watch in 2021 and TA wise, just looks beautiful. Can chop inside the asc wedge and nice confident support seemingly.
I think with staking, eth 2 etc. 2021 is going to be a strong year for eth and even if these targets hit with lower $, it still looks mathematically marvellous.
Measured move is same % increase as the height of the asc wedge from top of the asc wedge if it breaks. so 0.1 territory.