EFX share exchange rate update...

NYSE:EFX   Equifax, Inc
EFX share exchange rate update. The company had problems with data handling due to an external hacker attack. This news changes the investors' vision for a company over a longer period of time. It can also be seen as a complete change in the technical image. That's why we have to plan commercial strategies. The main trend will change. For several months the expected main direction of movement is decreasing. Therefore, every upward movement is considered a correction. Back to technical analysis . The downward trend is the fall of two full waves. From the current 113 usd levels, we expect a refund correction up to 130 usd levels. From this level, the second biggest downward wave will start up to 97.71 usd. There are two ATR axis angles on this level. The rise begins to flatten. It is expected to be offset, and by the end of 2018 the exchange rate could rise close to 167 USD. (Analysis was made with wave fracture)