DXY (Dollar Index) |The best time to climb💸

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Hello traders, Dollar Index In 1 hour, I predicted two possibilities for the dollar index
1- Wave c from wave b from wave 4
2- We are inside one of the 5 waves and wave 4 is over and wave 5 is the beginning
Probability 1: Wave 4 is not over and wave b is being completed, and then wave c is formed, which will probably form outside the channel. We expected wave 4 to be zigzagged given the structure of wave 2, which could be a flat or complex wave, but now the structure is such that it can be confirmed at any time by changing the flat state trend for wave 4.
The best case scenario for Wave 4 is that before it reaches the peak of Wave 3, Wave B is completed and changes direction and Wave c starts on its own, which will most likely break the channel.
Therefore, in case of channel failure, the descending signal is confirmed, and in case of breaking the peak of wave 3, the ascending signal is confirmed. Also, the irregular flat state should not be ignored.
The second possibility: According to the second possibility, wave 4 has been completed and now wave 5 is being completed, and these conditions are more probable due to the recent economic conditions and calm in the world.
In general, I consider the trend to be upward if the channel is not broken and after reaching each target, we can more easily comment on whether it is flat or not.
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