DXY (Dollar Index) |Short-term strengthening of the dollar

Hello traders,In the daily timeframe , in addition to examining the 4 and 5 microwaves of wave 1, we also examined wave a and b of wave 2.
The wave has a 5-wave structure, so it is probably zigzag . Now we are inside wave b, which has a flat state, and 2 microwaves have finished themselves and we are inside wave c. I specified two goals for wave c, the first goal is to the end of wave a and the next goal that I consider most important is Fibo 0.38 (this Fibonacci is drawn from the beginning to the end of wave c).
Why do I consider this goal more important? Because this Fibonacci is exactly at 1.27 (from the beginning of wave b to its end) and also the dollar index has shown a strong strong reaction to Fibo 1.27.
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