DRGN To Bounce Again Before It Surges!

BITTREX:DRGNUSD   Dragonchain / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I believe that we're going to see DRGN go to the 0.618 level on on the last fib price; which is the most likely level; when the microalts pump as Alex Becker predicts - he predicts BTC to bounce like I am and a microcap boost with it; although I have no clue why.
After that, if the half-oval is correct, pressure will be on the price to surge above the resistance/support levels and will probably when 1/3 of the oval is left.
Bet#1: the first boost should occur in July.
bet#2: the price goes into the orange zone of the last fib price.
Bet#3: the BIG burst is between the 1.3 and 2 fib time range!
Bet#4: the peak of the burst is about 1.4, 0.54 being the lowest it could go!