The Indians are in a similar position to many other stock indices. Three things can happen here:
1. Price goes below the amber ATR line, and then rocks north like a bat outta hell - or
2. Price collapses below ATR line and continues south for a while.
3- Price continues to range within a horizontal band.

Whatever happens there is money to be made here - if you control your acceptable loss.

If you have dosh to burn take long or short.

If you don't have dosh to burn you could play a ranging market on a 3 min to 5 min time frame milking small trends that can run for hours.

Or you can do both of the above. Skill and experience cannot be provided in this post. Trend following is far more difficult than other forms of trading with potentially heavier losses and extraordinary gains. There are no targets in true trend following. Hence only about 20% of all traders according to research are true tend followers (not to be confused with trend continuation trading).
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