DJI -Wall Street - collapses

I had flagged that the DJI and NASDAQ were in trouble some time ago. I told everybody to 'GET READY'. Some were hypnotised by POTUS's assertions that the American economy is doing "fantastically well". Yes he said so and I have the reference.

The data on ISM that triggered this plunge/correction was not brand new information at all. It's only because the ISM release went viral that there was trouble. Anybody who was anybody who was looking at non-mainstream media would have known that manufacturing and lots of other things were troubled in the US economy. Some haven't even taken note of the $23 Billion in debt as yet.

Others were punching the air about low unemployment figures - which were fake. Yes fake - because they were revised down weeks after the markets had pumped north (and nobody took notice of reality). The true unemployment rates are much lower, and when that goes viral there will be even more trouble.

Just to be clear - contrary to Mr Trump's opinions - the DJI is not the 'economy'. It is sentiment about 'the economy'. Right if you don't here from me again, it's because I've been locked up in an American gulag, for disagreeing with POTUS. LOL!!

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to trade securities of any kind. Trading is a high risk activity, with 70-90% of all traders consistently losing money. Your losses are your own. Sue yourself if you lose your money.
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