BYND $110 target late July

NASDAQ:BYND   Beyond Meat, Inc
BYND $110 target late July, but inevitably it will go exponential
- MACD turning over, looking bearish .
- High RSI ( should be below the 30% line for an excellent buying opportunity.
- Fib spiral support at 110 - to certify that this fib spiral is correct, I would like to see the share price touching it a few times more.
- Also gap to fill at 126 and 110.

Will start posting more TA ideas on twitter once i get a substantial amount of follows for it to be viable.
Comment: Trading view being a little bit buggy here - the fib spiral is support for the low at 17th May and then that sweeps through to a support late July. The support at 19th Dec 2019 is correct.