BTC has been trading within the 31000 and 32676 range for close to a week now , The Resistance at 32464.52 has been so strong that the rejection remains for days, The support however at $31000 is holding so strong and we've seen lot of pull back from this range for days.

BTC faces yet another rejection at 31906 today and its currently in a downtrend, BTC is likely going to rest again on the 31410 region as its likely EP for the day, however with Grayscale unlocking and market opening for the week in Asia and US , we are hoping we can see some few ups and gains.

Remember the unlocking has been seen as bullish signal ,so it will be wise to pick your EP and trade between $31100and $31500 just to be safe , till the 33000 Resistance stronghold has been broken with a new trend confirmation , printing a new Bullish signal, Remember look for bullish signal before u enter above 32000.

Be Smart and don't work against the trend.