$BTC - massive liquidity gathered there - lows to mids now?

Previously, btc had printed bullish structure on the daily, which failed as we called, but as I also said I expected a HL to trade back to range highs and maybe beyond, but sadly that was a no go
Here, btc has had a huge wick through the range low (the low wick on the first capitulation) on some exchanges and took out the most recent LL, and currently will close back above
Also btc has a 4H bull divs
For these SL hunts, the breaker can act as a great place where the move continues
Thus I've set bids at the low of it, confluent with Monday's Low which should be protected after this unconfirmed 'deviation' of it
Low of the breaker also gives a better RR here
Targeting firstly Mondays mid range, would be 1% with this setup, the mid of January Range, or 0.5 of the initial wick high to low/WO - weekly open/ML - Mondays high