$BTC - we got some nice follow through, HL printed

Daily structure flipped bullish now
Too many people bearish at the bottom of the range, as it printed a HL, between the 0.5 and the OTE
There was a nice entry on the 1H via a BMS and return to origin just above 33K
Now we have hit mid-range
I look to long the inefficiency get filled which will likely happen tomorrow morning, and expect price to push on and flip the mid-range
Also flipping here the H4 bearish OB that broke structure downwards into the Higher time frame HL, which is good to see
Targets are the HL, and if being reserved I've highlighted the breakdown zone around 37.7K
From there might see a move back to the mids which must hold if you didn't pay yourself, and must hold for the market in general as the 30K support has been tapped 5 times now, might not hold the next time!


Nice detailed and well thought out analysis.
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@Zen_3_6_9, cheers again fella
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@InvestmentsHub, Anytime mate.