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I promise gartly pattern is coming....
Its so near just wait and buy


i saw in ur previous analysis that btc goes to 15k. you have to be responsible if you want people rely on what you say.
@alshobaki Yes, I believe Bitcoin will reach 13,000, but it will grow before that happens.
@vahidramzei, DearVahid I study your views on ZEC on Arze digital platform. They are realy smart points...helpful, and interesting.
Please do not give up making your good points for some stupid, bugheads who make some nonesense complaints on ZEC platform..These few stupid and narrow-minded people do not have any clue of what Technical points and analyzes are . They are there just to make a mess and to subvert the good ideas. ignore them.
Many people, me included like your greats remarks and benefit them.Please continue sharing your useful analyzes, and ideas there for everyone who needs them....I live in England and I always read your views on that platform... I personaly put some words there for you to notice but the Admin did not confirm them...THANK YOU.... Be Good
Hi dear friend
You mentioned some very good points
don't promise anyone , this is not professional