Bitcoin Is Ready For 67.5K

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Hey Guys,

BTC has reached the bottom trend support and is ready for a new all time high is history repeates it self.

Check out what happened when the price reached the trend support and you will see that was always a new all time high starting point!

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I want to remain optimistic but I'm not so sure. I have come to realise that the growth so far has been led by half a dash of publicity by high profile figures and events and half FOMO . But there is nothing left in the pipeline to boost Bitcoin. So Bitcoin will deflate to a point where the mode price of bagholders exist, which I guess will be around the 57K mark and will stay there throughout summer. Then it will dip to 55K before resuming an upward trend.

So why would the price increase? Because the chart dictates so?
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@Xcritu solid points
@Xcritu even further down to 30500
@Xcritu Wow!

Why would you say that bro? Just because price dropped to last week figures doesn't mean Bitcoin is over!

Who said the pipeline was empty! Just because a month passed without a corporate announcement doesn't mean there will be none in the upcoming days specially after this dip!

Just breath and relax yo!
throughout summer? so a good time for ALTS?
@p70649 it's always a good time for alts..specially during Bitcoin dips!