Analysis of high for Bitcoin over the next week

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
After analyzing the chart more calmly, I decided to discard the previous fall analysis at 3,330, but note that the BTC actually fell after my analysis at 3.441 next to what I posted, missing $ 110.

Now the picture has changed and the reversal has begun, I have analyzed again and I can see that we are out of the low.

We are now on track to hit the 9k until July, with high and less aggressive lows there.

Let's look for supports like 5k, 7k and 9k.

Price is in dollar and by Binance.

Keep in mind just how to study and do not recommend neither sale nor purchase, however if you get profit, do not forget to go on my profile and make donations in my Wallet, this will encourage me to continue posting and to this day, I did not receive anything.