July 6th for Bitcoin

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
If you have a paid tradingview membership, open the 23h candles on Bitcoin , observe how the candles are Volatile>Stable>Volatile>Stable>Volatile>Stable. Each and every time. Tomorrow is going to be a stable day, which means 34k will be our playzone, people will assume we take support here, I predict we'll have a liquidity sweep on the upside, followed by a massive downside when the next 23h candle hits, which will be the volatile candle.

Comment: There's also this symmetrical triangle people keep drawing on the 4H candles, to be honest in a downtrend like this, and BTC in general, these symmetrical triangles almost always end up scamming and breaking to the downside.

I have a bias we visit 20k's and bounce quickly back into the range to continue for new ATH's in late Q3-Q4.
Comment: just found out 23h candles aren't actually 23h candles. Tradingview makes new candles every 24 hours for all candles >24h. So some of the 23h candles aren't actually 23h's but more like 1 or 2 hours. Thus invalidating my plan of a stable day.