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new found resistance, no need to panic
Comment: support*


I think you meant support
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paulcarter840 innocentAccoun35113
@innocentAccoun35113, rsi on weekly chart says big pullback
Godfather-Pips paulcarter840
@paulcarter840, Personally, I'm in BTC for the long term so I'm not too fussed about any pullbacks because all the signs point towards a bullish rally in the next year.
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innocentAccoun35113 innocentAccoun35113
@paulcarter840 @paulcarter840, I'm not sure why you directed that comment to me, but I'll reply by saying ...Nice. Big pullback you say... because RSI says so. Ok, so when is that happening? Now? From 26k, from 36k? Will it happen soon, or is it possible it could take several months? Are you trying to call a top and suggesting ppl break the most basic rule of trading by shorting in a bull market?
If you haven't blown your account already and feeling like putting more weight behind your words, I'll be happy to listen.