Bitcoin long term prediction

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Blow off top down to 8k support level MY PREDICTION ONLY
Comment: New to this, meant for SHORT rather than LONG for a long term downtrend


Use the log chart, linear chart is useless when price is expressed in exponentially growing money.
There is a clear channel in the log chart. BTC is going down to roughly $17k by the end of February.
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Looks like you are new. Bitcoin at this point Wong go that low would need to crash completely and it won’t happen cause of institutional support. Only countries banning it (no indication of that being a possibility though) or a massive security breach would bring it down that much.
You can’t predict above from technical though
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Cryptolover333 artisticZebra75843
The charts don't lie, and trust me they will bring the bad news when they ready sold, it always happens. Good chart.
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el-92 artisticZebra75843
@Cryptolover333 thanks 👍🏼 jp Morgan said we’re going to 146k that’s the best indicator lol
Thanks for the reply 👍🏼

Yes and when JP Morgan start to talk bad about bitcoin that means they have already sold everything and it will be time to sell, they always do that.
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