Are we going to see Wave 5 Down on Bitcoin?

OANDA:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Further to my previous analysis on #Bitcoin linked below, my long trade reached its Wave C target.

Now the question is will it continue "resume" the down trend or if its in a sideways range, then will it touch the range lows.

Next target for shorts from here is down to 33500 and Target Zone 1... check out Fib Exp 62%


They just like those who give them hope. Because they are buying bitcoin, not trading it!

At H4 time frame a short position based on aims strategy is open from about 38k.

Thank for amazing strategy that brought to us.
Amazing Reward to Risk👌👌🙏🙏
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@pouyanmg, now that's more like it. thanks, somebody was reading. :) You may be right. aha, I see, if they are the everyday investors then they are pretty pissed off by this forecast. Apologies to them.
I'm quite upset that I did not get any comments on this fantastic call out. Am I being blocked or is this just not something people like? I called the Up move then I called the short... yet no comments? WOW