BTC possible scenario till September.

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Whenever we break any of those wedges up we could start our new parabolic run and start our new supper cycle, this could take till September if we don't manage to break them in the next resistance , but eventually we will break them up most likely as those formations normally breaks up, we could see prices at the end of the year over $150,000 easy.


Awesome, going back down to near 20k would be quite brutal and would wipe out most alts.
Thank you for this, you make it easy to manage risk while trading $BTC. I have questions through,
(1) Between now to September are we still in a down trend?

(2) How soon is $BTC going to retest $41000 ?

Thanks in anticipation for your kind reply.
@Idume, thanks for your comment and you are welcome more than welcome.

I seriously believe we could be in the way to hit resistance at around $50,000, the only problem is we found resistance in the 8 EMA in weekly chart and also death cross incoming but prices
could still go up and hit that resistance at least, we still in a downtrend but we are now forming a new uptrend in daily chart, we have higher lows and higher highs and the rising wedge could be also an ascending channel, and we could hit $43,000 in a couple of days most probably if we don't break down the rising wedge, if we break it down we could be talking to 30k , but I have a strong feeling that we could continue to create a new higher high in daily chart and hit 43k by this weekend, if not, I believe in the super cycle by the end of the year, and we didn't hit the real top yet. we could hit over $150,000 by the end of the year or next year over $200,000, that is what I believe.
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🙏Thank you once more....
@Idume, you are welcome, it is very possible we will go up.