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We are now in a correction of the 3rd macrowave. The target of the 5th wave following EW rules is 190 k. Considering the first correction of wave 1 was a complex correction we should see a simple correction for wave 3 ( zig zag or flat). Also the 3rd wave was an extended wave so we expect the price to retrace at 0.236 level, which is the current level we are sitting at. I will share at some point my analysis of this correction phase too. we are forming a clear expanding triangle right now. get ready for a violent upside soon. If things should get bearish the perfect will be around 21 k and I will be prepared to go all-in as it will be 0.382. I don't think we will see this level at least until we have a move up at least till 44k.


eival ..bravo