Summer sell off in all markets, crypto no exception

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Best case scenario is 4.8k, expected direction 3.3k, bearish scenario 3 digits. ETA either summer or multiple year(s).

Yearly VP

BTC vs USD Index (still in a bubble)

Artificial pumps on margin won't cut it, roughly +~100 real btc from joe fomo and traders won't push it to 12k.
Bottom accumulation net ~20k, spoofy filled 8k at dump in corrective structure at much lower price, 7k longs near the top and shorts reset.
Summer almost here, crypto and stocks always tank. Betting joe fomo comes back in is a huge mistake. RR wise short > long 5:1.

Before breaking ath , we need to finish correction, properly and all crypto and stocks always go back to the VP mean, no exceptions spotted, ever.

People saying 6k bottom will never go below are all proven to be new to crypto and trading in general, so please do not comment this.

Good luck to anyone on vacation holding bags when this comes crashing down.
Comment: Uploaded chart looks messed up, this one is cleaner, sorry for that.

Comment: Be careful if you're short, I would close at 9.05-9.1k. I'd not long as well, in fact, I'm looking to put a short quarterly futures contract in and be over with this sh*tshow and going back to forex. We all can see it's clearly being held up high artificially and the name of the game = liquidation & stop loss hunting. First liquidating more shorts (there aren't that many of them anymore) then liquidating the longs (there are enough of them left where many are already underwater and probably have a stop below 6k).

This is not about trading/ta, this is about screwing over as much people as possible who use margin and carrying bags when they dump.

The last few days have been absolutely proof and bitcoin for a first time in a very very long time didn't came back to 38.2%, which means they're up to something and I've told you what I think they're up to.

Bullish target 10.8k -> 4.8
Bearish target 9.75k -> 3.3
Bear market 3 digits.

ETA; September '18 (bear market 1.5-2.5 years).

I think we enter bear market, for the reasons worse than mt gox, exchanges forced to shutdown, tether, money laundering, etc now with more people and money involved than ever with regulations in front of us worldwide. And who benefit? Think people.
Comment: Since Tradingview public volunteers' stance (really smart to not have paid employees regarding law) of total toleration of trolls, beraters and spammers without banning and letting them lose creating new accounts without ban, while quality traders like Anil, Vera, SignalSwiss and Acel get banned for even minor infractions or none at all, like warning new traders while having good quality TA, I've screenshotted everything to post on my website and twitter, despite having forwarded to mod which does nothing of course.

I've did some more digging and all those trolls seems to be related and/or members of paid pump and dump groups.

To quote this worst kind of spammer and berater @chase4fun2018:
WOW !!I didn't even see that bearish guys best case scenario is 3 digits this is utter crazy and is obviously trying to
persuade others to part with there bitcoin and go into panic selling, for 1 thing no one can say what is going to happen
from one day to the next we could wake tomorrow and be at 0 chances of that happening are very slim not none.

Now we could see a small retracement as you know is coming that is obvious but you seriously seee 4.8k and 3.3k and
3 digits ?Seriously coming with not TA to support the idea appart from a chart that shows all your past history, what
i believe is happening is the shorts have lost a lot of money and trying to get the HODL going long to sell and bring the
price down TRUTH

And ETA summer or multiple years ahahah this is funny as anything cheers for cheering me up though.People will not
fall for this i assure you Longs are not that stupid and a very patient.

NO NO NO Look at the 4th wave hahahah why ??You are not following the market what you are doing is
using previous history trying to and predicting the market...Wow look at lines you just looked for all
support and resistance and put as many as you could in there.

That 4th wave though :D why should i be banned for speaking the truth :) this is messy, and based on no real TA
i would not listen to any one who posted this we will see ??Ok i will pop back when we get to $11k.It is obvious what some
are doing on this site !All doom and gloom hahaah and every one who looks at this chart will see what is the true intention
Comment: #4
Mate chillout no one can make sence of the chart its that simple we are on a slight
retracement from the 5th wave that is all, people selling their profit and we are going into a small
pullback that is all relax you should clean up the charts so people actually can understand what you
are trying to say the only thing i get is (SELL, SELL, QUICK OR LOSE EVERYTHING) ahahahaah ..Good luck
trading mate i wish you the best but you should take the history from the charts so people can under
stand it better..I will come back when we get to 11k ??Ok

This is obviously an account with 1 chart posted and 220 followers LOOOOOOOOL nah im not falling for this mate..And others need to be care
full there are people out there putting out some crazy scenarios wanting you to lose money...And you will fast if you are not careful.

I don't see $6k ever again all it takes is a big group to create charts like this for scare mongering its all predictions based worst case scenarios
its B$..Spotted a lot of shills on here shortly wanting the Longs to give up there coins do not fall for it $10k is not much for btc.Im seeing
shills and posts like these all over the place don't fall for it 'HODL'
Comment: #6
I agree this is 1 chart published with 220 followers with all doom and gloom, shorts have lost a lot
of money lately especially since that double top breakout that just happened a lot of people panicked and sold, i believe
that big groups go around spreading stuff like this for a reason common do your own TA and check out for yourself.

There doing this because the 5th wave is over and we will do a pullback for the retracement people will take profit but
and the whales are driving these prices up and will control the end price.

These are attempts for to take peoples btc when there long :) Desperate times go look for your self there are many
shill accounts on here and many on youtube.And even worse on twitter..

This is all based on history and B$..We will see new highs this year and we will see big profits you just have to be
patient and not listen to B$ like this :)

Ok thanks but im not sure i agree 100% but i want to read more of your post :)..As for predication
and looking at history allot has changed, what i am seeing is a lot of people fear mongering at the moment.There
could be a bull trap ahead but there could be a lot of things we may get a retracement from the final 5th wave
but you have too understand there are some big players in this market now who are calling the shots.

And have been manipulating there way all the way up this, what i will say even if we do a ABC retracement there
is no guarantee we will not see another bull run after the retracement..10K is nothing in reality :) This is a long
patient game if people are shorting the market the whales will only take there money..

Whales are in full control i believe and every time we expect a huge retracement we see a lot of sideways movement.
Now i would like to check the charts over as i enjoy learning from others but prediction so far ahead an gong off
history is not such a good thing..No one can predict the market at the moment..

I'm not keen on elliot waves in such a volatile market but we have to use every indicator going i think things have
changed a lot especially this year, i believe is going to be a big year and i doubt we will every see $5700k let alone $6k
ever again.
Comment: Is this what is Tradingview is standing for? If so, I will not update my charts anymore. I've no sympathy for trolls and to be honest, I don't care if such people are keep losing money. I do have sympathy for new traders and want to help voluntary without anything in return to help them get better and protect their capital and I learn from them as well, which is win-win for everybody.

Such people will think twice when they see their portfolio -84% and that is best case. There still is possibility and logical arguments to be made when only looking at chart for 3 digits which can take several years and that is to be mild. This bubble is worse than nasdaq and will come back further than the 23.6%. Stevepuri did a good analysis and was short since the top.
Now I keep hearing "this time is different", the same as dot com bubble, the same as 2014, 2015, the same in gold market, the same in any other market and NO, this time is NOT different, despite fundamentals which has nothing to do with price. People are NOT different since the days of Solomon where people traded, the environment change, but human emotions do not, like greedy, fear, control and ego.

Unfortunately, such people like the guy I quoted is a paid member of pump and dump group, so he will lose in the end anyway and also new member with all wrong TA and can clearly not see I've posted way more charts than just "one chart" or this was part of his berating tactic. Same people like him called me stupid and retarded for calling bitcoin bubble in december and warning to sell in the bounce and each bounce is making lower highs and they still hodl, just like this guy says "just hodl", which shows intelligence straight away, but chances to sell at good price become diminished.
Hodlers were LUCKY in the past, but not so much in the future, most likely, especially when they took debt to buy bitcoin at high price, not only because speculative assets decrease enormously after implementation phase, but bitcoin is also losing marketshare and tech gets obsolete fast vs better alternative, especially when it's open source.

Sure, not all TA is 100% perfect, but my warnings where all days in advance for people to get out at 13k top, 2x double top and when to buy back in and what to expect.

So yeah, maybe it's better Tradingview has option to mute such people or disable them to view content, because for them, it's better to listen to their masters of pre pumped coins to buy and that bitcoin goes to 18k, 20k, 50k in this rally, but in reality, it's pullback after sharp move down and from naked chart, you can clearly see it will make a newer low before we can speak about 20k, imho.
No financial advice, just plain common sense.
Comment: Oh and the spammer I've quoted made another failed chart, again lost money "perma bull" and asking for donations in his posts, breaking all @Tradingview houserules, all allowed guys, but don't you dare to break rules, you get instaban.
Comment: Acceptance

Wojak: Application to McDonalds sent.
McD: What was your previous job?
Wojak: Crypto trader.
McD: You're hired!
Comment: New monthly analysis BTCUSD VS Dollar index vs EURUSD
Comment: Don't forget to click 'Play' on this chart, amazing fractal playout, no?

A revised fractal roadmap below based on new data
Comment: A closer look
Comment: If you cannot see chart, drag horizontal and vertical bars to zoom in. That was complaint, problem hereby solved.
Comment: If you're a miner or want to mine, NOW is a good time to buy graphics cards (GPU's) just before the bottom is set, we're close near it, especially if you buy using euros, since EURUSD tanked like a rock, so last inventory shouldn't have this eurusd adjusted to, yet. Graphic card prices plunged 33-50%, amazing discount! Not financial advice, just what I would do.
Comment: Nice bounce :-)
Comment: Support is holding, click Play.

This idea becomes invalidated once the bottom is set, which I think it is. It's of course too early to tell, in hindsight everything is piece of cake, but reversal signs are already here. Path is clear for higher highs this time.

Breaking 5.925k signifies market failure, leading to 4.8-5.2, then 3-3.3, then 1.8-2k, then 1.3k, then 3 digits, which I find hard to believe, considering both FA and TA.

From TA point of view, triple bottom pattern is set, lower low is made finishing the corrective structure, retrace 50% to 13k end of year is within reason to make higher lows afterwards is now expected.

From FA point of view:
- SEC opened first door for big money to come in by labeling btc and eth not as securities. I know from personal relationships that a lot of big boys are interested in ETH and also BTC;
- Second door will be opened in July after regulations are set in stone.

Even in the case of market failure, it will be nothing like '14, because I can foresee a huge pump 50-75% almost instant and keep pumping entire day once the price is set too low, so you won't even have the chance to buy low anyway, because in such cases, the exchanges simply have outages and in the end, you buy up much higher. Everybody who remembers '14 and '15 knows what I'm talking about, the moon candles have left bottom shorters with 0-35% balance left at those times.