Where were you for Bitcoin halving 2020? LIVE MINUTES VERBATIM

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THE FOLLOWING IS LIVE MINUTES VERBATIM @ The Reptile House's department of Freelance Skyhighatry on New Years Day 2020

"Alexa, play Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ TOP"

"OK... Now playing Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top"


"Scrape" "Scrape" "Scrape" "Scrape"


"Scrape" "Scrape"

"one elegant slide"

"bank note being rolled"

"brief pause"



' Euphoric Crowd Cheering'

When humans experience the same stimulus as a large group the event is usually one where "everyone knew where they were that day". Due to Crypto only being traded by a combination of reprobates, drug dealers, terrorist groups that are keen on the new Toyota helux with AC and Bluetooth, the occasional legitimate institution and traders happy to go into FULLY BLOWN WILD WEST MODE!,

" Euphoric crowd cheers loudly, mental"

it would be the case that Bitcoin is known by many, but most have no real attachment to it. Therefore I believe the post halving period after this one (May 2020) will be when "everyone knew where they were that day".

" Downs double Jonnie Walker "

" Sparks Fat Grass Banger "


Anyway.... the halving is coming in May 2020, there are endless countdown clocks on websites and mining pools. If you don't know what the halving is i feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but the halving ain't one. So allow me to reiterate what half of the internet is saying in a coke, whiskey and grass induced study into the depths of freelance skyhighatrism. Bitcoin will reduce the mining reward by half meaning after the block number the halving happens on, the miners will only get half as much pay for their labour. Now miners are happy about this, but why would they be so happy about getting paid less, and not just any amount, 50 fucking percent less. Miners like the halving because every halving that came before has been followed by massive gains on the price of bitcoin . Not only that but the heavy BTC bags held by whales are just too easy to move into "un-popped" alt coins to further the gains of their investments. Factored in with greed and speculative gamblers I would be confident that BTC will see its previous all time high this year and continue on a bullish trend until the bulls simply run out of steam.

Crowd drunkard: "So what the fuck is Skyhighighatrism!?"

Skyhighatrism is the art of "kicking the fucking c**t out of life", taking the day and pillaging whats rightfully yours as a sentient lifeform on this ball of spinning rock and lava. I mean what even is life, like what actually is it? Anyone? Nobody up the back there?

Crowd drunkard: " its not real... its a hologram'

"lecture theater erupts into laughter"

Well I think i know what the answer to that is. Life as we perceive it is the consequence of mono dimensional consciousness. Now before you laugh, let me propose to you a thought experiment.

Imagine that there is an alternative reality for every possible outcome of existence, that would mean other versions of you exists in other realities, but your different in some way. Now, there is a different reality for every possible outcome so therefor there is unlimited versions of you, doing everything all over the multiverse, but you, here today, can only be this version of yourself.


"Scrape" "Scrape"

" another bank note being rolled"

With me so far... ?


So in this multiverse of the infinite self your imagining yourself to be in, imagine another reality which is very similar to this one but the version of you in that other reality has the ability to cross over into this reality and say hello. Now there are an infinite number of you, with every possible outcome. One version of you is able to meet you, wants to meet you, and can currently stand behind you.... Would you have the courage to turn around and meet yourself?

All you have to do is think to yourself, I want this... Go on, say it to yourself...

Well, take a peek, your there, behind you, waving :)

Crowd drunkard: "looks behind herself scared.... slowly"

Only kidding hahahaha.

Lehhh-Hoooo Zeeee-Herrr!!!

The point i'm trying to make is humans can be told anything with enough foreplay vocabulary and they would believe it. Now this thought experiment is more than it looks, think about it logically this completely disproves multiverse theory at a basic level yet billions in funding goes into shit like this. This is the negative effects of securing funding being more important than actually doing any science which makes logical sense. Freelance Skyhighatrism is the art of not falling for this shit and doing your own research and thinking for yourself. Don't let other people think through you or you will end up rekt. Similarly, don't invite others to think for you. Its basically the self harming version of the same thing.


This went on for hours...... I tried to get the bit about Bitcoin . In short i don't think we will see any major drops and if we do the last major drop down will be manipulation to shake out weak hands. Don't end up getting your hands shaken free from your crypto, because your newly found empty hand will be useless if you cant get a boner from feeling worthless. Iron hands... Hold the Line.... HODL.... BE A FUCKING WINNER... TAKE THE PROM QUEEN HOME AND MAKE HER SQUIRT ALL OVER THE CELLING.... DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.... AND HAVE A FANTASTIC 2020 you filthy keaaaaants.


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