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Every day Bitcoin doesn't fail to amaze me. Just take a look at those movements. We can see it all in a big picture here. Bitcoin has TEN FOLDED since march 2019. Where else can you get those returns on investment of you're a holder. If you invested just £1k in march 2019 you would now be sitting on £10k. Truly amazing!
BUT it will come down at some point, wheres the top? Where can we buy in for the next bull push? Im hoping it comes back down to the previous ATH of 20K area as the support for the next push. No one can be certain, but interested to know your thoughts.


I agree with your opinion!
74k minor pullbacks
DeadWax scousertommy
@scousertommy, good to see another scouser here. Always at the forefront when opportunity presents, eh? ;)