Bitcoin: $300k by 2025

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Long-term Bitcoin analysis using a logarithmic scale. As shown, Bitcoin remains in the long term trend lines set by the top and bottom of the 2014 bear market, if Bitcoin is to remain in these trend lines , it needs to start making an upwards move in early 2019. I have also drawn a few curves that Bitcoin could follow if it is to fall below the trend line .
My first price target is $100k which I expect to be met between mid 2020 and mid 2021. I then anticipate another 12-16 month bear market before finally resuming the bull market and heading towards $300k between 2025 and 2026; I have chosen $300k as that would put Bitcoin on a slightly smaller market cap than gold assuming that 20 million coins had been mined ($6 trillion).
Finally, I have indicated accumulation zones in green, currently between $5.7k and $7k, I expect to move out of this range within the coming few months. Then similarly in the 2022/2023 bear market I expect Bitcoin to fall 60-70% and accumulate between $30k and $40k range.


We ALL wish you are correct about that man :)