The chance of BTCUSD correction increases.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The chance of BTCUSD correction increases. In my analysis, I summarize the signals pointing in the direction of the correction and determine the size of the possible correction. 1. The fractal wave sequence is complete. (green square) The top of the second rising wave is 40441 usd. 2. This level is exactly equal to the symmetry of the fractal wave axis of the second wave (orange-yellow square). This is a symmetrical wave motion that is symmetrical to the W1 wave axis. CORRECTION SIZE: The size of the correction is obtained from the size of the first fractal correction. This is 27%. I hope I have understood so far. So we have two rising fractal pairs. Size of both 967% According to fractal rules, the percentage of corrections will be similar. That is why we expect a 27% reduction. The question arises as to why we give the size of the motion as a percentage? The answer is simple. Because the vertical scale on most trading platforms is a logarithmic scale. It follows that the magnitude of the correction in the two fractals is double, but the percentage is equal. In our case, this means that a corrective movement of up to 30614 usd can occur. I suggest investors to buy bitcoin in this correction (because the medium-term target price of 66,000 usd does not change) and Daytraders to think about taking a short position.
Trade closed: target reached


definitely a pro analysis 🔥👌🏻
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meszaros YasserAl
@YasserAl, Thank you very much.
Nice chart, would you not expect a further decline from 30,000, from an investors position there doesn't seem any value in purchasing BTC at these current prices. Maybe 18-20k could be more realistic
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meszaros Don_Knowles
@Don_Knowles, Yes. I agree with you. Through fractal calculations, I don’t see the 20,000 usd level yet. It is possible to adjust it in 1-2 days, taking into account additional incoming data. We'll see.
Do you not think this is institutional led short liquidity to attain better buy points? The timing of the dips / spikes would make me think this is the case. Today will be telling for sure. Great analysis I should add.
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meszaros mohsenmn
@mohsenmn, Thank you very much for the post. I expect the price of bitcoin above 60000usd for the first time and later over 100000 usd. I use a long-term investment strategy. Therefore, I build long positions at the bottom of each correction section. I suggested moving to the short position shown in the analysis for short-term traders.
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do you think its time to buy in 35k ?
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Great analysis, Personally i do believe Bitcoin will fall to around 20,000 again and if that's the case then it will be the last time we will see bitcoin value at 20,000.
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meszaros MicWoodsFX
@MicWoodsFX, Thanks for the post. Yes, 20,000 usd can be realistic. I don't see that level with fractal calculations yet. But it cannot be ruled out that the correction path will accelerate on the fly. On the other hand, I agree that no matter what level the bitcoin drops to, we will see that lower level last. In the long run, bitcoin will exceed the 100000usd level.
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MicWoodsFX meszaros
@meszaros, Well said there
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