A possible Head and Shoulders formation

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We could be forming a Head and Shoulders Pattern in this 4 hours chart, but there is still to form almost the full right Shoulder to complete so this is not 100% sure yet, only a possibility, $31,500 could be the target if we finally form this and break it down, but watch for fake outs please, to many out there.


Hi, been following for a bit. I'm still learning about T.A but would you say we have formed this pattern now? Maybe not quite as much of a drop tho?
@RossEth, Hello, yes we have formed the right shoulder shorter as expected but still valid, the only thing is we didn't hit the target yet and may not, we have other formations there too right now and I may post an idea later.
RossEth Cryptolover333
@Cryptolover333, Would you say that the ETHUSD is forming a similar pattern as well? Not as neat and lagging the BTCUSD pattern. From what I have seen the altcoins tend to follow BTC quite closely.
@RossEth, Yes the same almost but ETH seems to be following BTC for now, that is why I didn't post ideas yet about ETH, if it change I will, better to look at BTC chart for now till we see any change, thanks for your comment.