Lets's pump btc price up untill 100k...

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Please read until the end:
If you agree with this idea, please spread that. We know these days that china, E.M etc are trying to manipulate price of cryptoes and give anxiety to this world. And also, we know they still want to decrees the price until 20k or lower. And the most important is too many of us are in loss.
The people, simple and mediocre traders, are the guilty of this evil play because whales and billionaires will never suffer from this loss in price because they can step for thousands of times in crypto and decrease their loss. But the rest will go out of money much sooner than those traders. I know maybe this is ridiculous but it has been experienced months ago for xrp, when that coin was close to lose its place to ada(cardano). The owners of that coin started stand against this happening and they attacked to virtual world by twitting and publishing my lovely xrp.
Why don't we do that now? Why do we have to wait until china and elon musk pump that for us or kill the price off.
We are the majority. if we stand against their bad news they will retreat and then we can see btc's come back to it's previous crest which was around 65k and even face plan B(IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT PLAN B SEARCH FOR IT) !!!
So let's start together if you agree and tweet or post on face book instagram telegram on paper on banners and where ever you want:
(((My lovely btc , won't be sold under 100k.)))
Do this please to show how much is real price of BTC and of course other crypto.
I am starting that right nowwww.
This is not making chaos in the bazar or any thing wicked like that.
We just want to see btc in higher price much sooner.