Bitcoin Bullish Cup & Handle Pattern (+Targets)(+ALTCOINS)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We are witnessing a potential higher low taking place for Bitcoin and this is something we were expecting.

In our last analysis, we mention "a small retrace before higher prices"... This is the handle in the pattern above.

The C&H pattern is considered bullish and can lead to higher prices.

We have weak volume .
Mixed indicators and overall a feeling of uncertainty...
For this reason, we believe Bitcoin will resume growing now as many people are expecting for it to drop.

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We continue to see higher lows, short-term, and the altcoins market becoming good/HOT.

Bitcoin and the Altcoins have been moving together in the past few months.

Seeing the altcoins completing their correction period... Can signal that Bitcoin also is ready to grow.

I am just speculating...
I don't have that many clear signals as we normally do coming from the chart.

What's your take?
Bitcoin is hard to predict, the altcoins are easier to read...


Share your favorite altcoin in the comments section for me to read...
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