BTCUSD correction continues.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTCUSD correction continues. Continuing and confirming I expect further declining movement at bitcoin . If we examine the current motion in interval D1, two rules appear first. The movement occurs on the D1ATR wave axis, but below 50% of the D1ATR distance. This in my reading means that bitcoin retests its own D1 wave axis and that this retesting can only take a short time. The main direction may still be dominated by profit realization in the coming days. The corrective movement target price remains at the 13754 usd level.


Don't you think you just made exactly the same mistake as before - Fighting against the prevailing bull trend? You didn't even consider the possibility that this might be an opportunity to buy. Why? What kind of research/ TA are you using?
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I think bitcoin will either go up or down exponentially. Maybe it will be a repeat of what happened in the past or maybe it will just shoot up
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powerstitch JoeBiden6969
@JoeBiden6969 this is the same words in simple English... maybe this guy has a paid group 😂
Jask01 JoeBiden6969
@JoeBiden6969, yeh welcome to trading
I'd be wary of selling into such impulsive bullish momentum after one mere retrace candle. Standing in front of a freight train and shouting "Stop!" is a sure fire way to get killed by the market over a large enough sample size. 👍
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look for jimdude post on BTCUSD. Now that's a guy who has done research and knows what he's talking about
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am sorry to ask ,but am new on tradingview , am inquiring some inform of how i can trade BTCUSD on trading view using FXcm, when i select BTCUsd ,it tells me that FXCM can't trade with BTCUSD symbol,please if you have any idea i can over come this,help me
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meszaros nsubuga99jamil
@nsubuga99jamil, Thanks for asking. Bitcoin can be traded directly through FXCM. Therefore, technical support for tradingview should be sought with this issue.
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nsubuga99jamil nsubuga99jamil
@meszaros, thank you so much for your respond
never short on a bull run
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