#bitcoin TO THE MOON exclusive here's a new BULL side argument

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#bitcoin has seen bottom - exclusive here's an new BULL side argument.

Chart Construction:-

1. Box with yellow border the last two fractals of each month.
2. Add a purple vertical line denoting the last fractal of the month.
3. Box with light blue border the first two fractals of each month.
4. Link within green box yellow boxes (end of month fractals) which fall within the volatility of a light blue box (first two fractal of the month) in between.
5. The purple box is just there to confirm that bitcoin 0.16% had bottomed by looking back at a previously lower price.

Since December 2013 there have only been two other occasions like the one this year (which has just completed), and both of them confirmed bitcoin 0.16% bottom.

Don' forget all studies 50/50 till they break out of some box.
Comment: Current photo
Comment: First example
Comment: Second example
Comment: In the above chart I left out the other first two fractals of the month i.e. boxed in light blue, apart from the one which was of interest.
Comment: Note that the LOW made 14th August could also be the bottom. Like in the second example above the bottom happened before the green box whereas in the first example it happened within.
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Comment: All 50/50

Enough charts above for bulls and bears for sure.
Comment: Volatility of the first day of the month always and interesting play in first eleven days. Usual 50/50 bull or bear. Can break out in one direction, or, whipsaw. Which is it going to be this time. Hmmmm.
Comment: From my latest post. See post for construction details and comment
Comment: If bulls can hold do you see on the chart below what the beautiful moon could mean?

Comment: Waiting........
Comment: In the chart below I'm thinking that for price to have bottomed on the weekly chart do we also need to make a consecutive weekly Williams Fractal low. Maybe a higher weekly high now could be one step nearer to getting it done quickly.
$6,921.4 is a 61.8 retrace. I've gone for a bit lower.
Comment: Here's what I mean
Comment: Based on my TO THE MOON study posted 2nd October we also got consecutive daily low in the first example reproduced again below

Comment: How useful are consecutive daily fractal lows at identifying lows. Well maybe once a year? Have marked them in white in the chart below. Didn't check for sure in detail but does look like at least one of them managed to catch each yearly low.
Comment: My latest post which is an update of an older study "bitcoin bulls could surprise & surpass expectation 50/50"
Comment: Bigger picture
Comment: Watching
Comment: Watching bigger
Comment: Whatever you use or create on a chart not all of them will create value for a repeatable trading strategy, however, being able to see the position of the many patterns (or a single pattern) on a chart like halfway through a game of chess may just help identify or perfect new ones. In this study below I was interested in creating patterns (just triangles) in between different coloured Aroon bars. Like between 100 of one colour to the 100 of the next, including to where the next colour first rises above the previous. Once complete i edited out all those I didn't think were useful, and to see what conditions may continue to support the view that bitcoin had bottomed, etc....
Comment: More studies
Comment: I think I may have discovered the secret to the next big buy/sell signal. Will be watching how this chart develops.
Comment: Big question if histogram goes lower than yesterday 7th Oct, in which case I would add the final green vertical to my chart, and the RSI goes below that of the first green vertical of 49.8317 would that be a buy signal.
Comment: (Update) Question if histogram ends lower than 9th Oct, in which case would add the final green vertical to my chart, and RSI ends below first green vertical of 49.8317 would that be a buy signal. The green and purple DNA of the Histogram matches two other recent occasions but they signalled tops.

You will find all of my bull and bear arguments in my post 24th September "#bitcoin bull bear watch don't get caught out".

Has bitcoin bottomed?

I think we could be about to find out today unless price rises back up, or, need review.

I have boxed in some primary areas of interest to me for comparing recent past, and added below extra photo's for comparison with previous examples.
Comment: The RSI did not end below 49.8317. Therefore, the above observation does not help with a bullish argument.
Comment: #bitcoin fractal patterns same as December but with a twist

Here's my latest observation, and below comparing December's example. 50/50 price finds support and my to the moon charts/arguments remain intact. Some of my bearish charts/arguments still have 50/50 chance too.
Comment: #bitcoin could rebound tomorrow thanks to gold price leap

Here is the daily chart of gold 2.50% 2.09% and bitcoin -4.80% -4.83% . Notice my use of Aroon 1 (blue) 11 (brown). Notice the correlation with Bitcoin -4.80% -4.83% when brown Aroon hits 100. Have boxed in volatility to nearest Blue Aroon at 100. The Aroon is done using the Gold 2.50% 2.09% chart. I've superimposed the brown Aroon on bitcoin -4.80% for better clarity.

Note that move could also be short lived to just one day, or, none at all. 3rd March didn't work well at all. Looks quite good at catching bitcoin -4.80% at point of rebound. All ideas 50/50